Henry Clay manager makes big impact on football team

Henry Clay manager makes big impact on football team

Sports can be a bonding point, something to bring us together and give us perspective. We learned that’s what one special manager has done for Henry Clay.

Coach Sam Simpson says about Christian, “Sometimes in life, we can take things too seriously. Christian can take us away for a moment from that.”Christian Massie has worked with the Blue Devil team for the past seven years and made a real impact.

Christian works with the kickers and can be a massive support to the team. Blue Devil kicker Graham Wald recounts, “Whenever I have a bad kick, which has happened a couple of times this season, [Christian] runs out on the field with his big smile, and it always brings a smile to my face.”

Christian started working with his middle school football team. Then on the first day of 9th grade, Christian found Blue Devil’s Coach Sam Simpson and asked to help the Henry Clay. He’s grown close to many of his teammates.

Dale Massie Christan’s father expressed his thanks to the team for being so accepting of his son. “This is the team in the coaching staff are definitely like an extended family.”

For Christian, the games are the highlight of his week. “Well, he gets his gear out on Tuesday,” Dale says of his son’s preparations for the big event on Fridays.

While Christian helps the kickers by getting the balls, they kick in practice and picking up the tee in the games. He does more for the team by showing up always in a good mood.

Coach Simpson addressed the changes he’s seen in his team since Christan has joined. Saying, “You know in spite of the obstacles that Christian Christian faces every day in life he still brings a smile and he still brings energy. [Seeing that] we can remember to bring that too. I think what he’s done is that he’s helping us overcome our handicap.”

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