LCA’s Dillon Wheatley earns Athlete of the Week honors

LCA’s Dillon Wheatley earns Athlete of the Week honors

Lexington Christian High School running back Dillon Wheatley has 1,642 rushing yards and 31 touchdowns this season.

Wheatley accounted for 5 touchdowns in LCA’s 42-12 win over Prestonsburg Friday night.

“We practiced a lot harder with Logan [Neives] down we knew we’d have to step our game up without him,” said Wheatley.

After the game head coach Ethan Atchley jokingly asked the senior where that’s been all year.

“There’s no question Dillon had one of his best performances all year and that’s a testament to him stepping up and taking ownership of himself and here forward into the playoffs,” said Atchley.

Dillon ran for over 200 yards in the win and his coach says this time they’ve seen Dillion step up.

“Every year it’s gotten cold, and it’s gone playoff time or district time and Dillon Wheatley is come out in true fashion,” said Atchley.

Dillon rushed 24 times and accounts his success to his offensive line.

Our O-line stepped up big time this week for sure and it’s just great to have a big hole from them,” said Wheatley.

For Dillon and the whole LCA team, the game this Friday against Danville holds a lot of weight.

“We have a great game plan together just for Danville and I think we’re practicing hard enough that will be able to execute on Friday,” said Wheatley.

“For an uber-talented senior group that’s been knocked out by the same team for three years in a row there’s very little that needs to be said for getting them up for this game,” said Atchley. “They know what’s at stake, and they know what the outcome has been the last two years and now it’s time for revenge.”

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