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Cleveland businesses ready to reward long-suffering Browns fans

Winning isn’t something Browns fans have seen their team do much of in the last few years. At all. In fact, Cleveland’s last win came all the back on Christmas Eve of 2016, when they beat the San Diego Chargers 20-17. This year when the Browns win their first game, if the Browns win a…
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Vontae Davis Latest In String of “Early” Retirements

In one of the weirdest moments in this young NFL season, Bills 30-year-old cornerback Vontae Davis went into halftime with his team and left before the start of the second half, retiring from the league. Davis released a statement later noting reality hit him, and he realized, “I shouldn’t be out there anymore.” A ten-year…
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Jalen Ramsey’s Early Quarterback Assessment Report Card

Jalen Ramsey doesn’t have an off switch. The 23-year-old cornerback for the Jaguars is known for talking smack, a skill he learned from his father, and this offseason Ramsey let the smack talk fly. In an explosive Q&A with GQ, Ramsey gave his opinion on almost every QB in the league. After one week of playing,…
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